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Make Love Not War

The opening of Seattle Rep's Romeo and Juliet could not have come at a less auspicious time, between the initial salvos of the Iraq war and the handing out of the Oscars. Yet in the event, the performance harmonized well with the audience's mood: the fog of war itself found dramatic representation. more...

Prospero | March 26, 2003
Beard Worthy

After failing to be convinced by Proof, I came to Amy Freed's The Beard of Avon full of doubt and diminished expectations… But I was proven wrong in the event—and only too happy to be put in my place by a play that entertains its audience by exploring the authorship issue in a fashion almost worthy of the great bard himself. more...

Prospero | November 21, 2001
Insufficient Proof

The Seattle Rep's new Publicist David Tucker II was kind enough to invite me to review Daniel Sullivan's restaging of his Tony Award-winning production of David Auburn's Pulitzer Prize-winning play Proof —despite the fact that the play is not by Shakespeare, nor has anything remotely to do with him. more...

Prospero | October 20, 2001
The Essential Hamlet
Legendary director Peter Brook's new adaptation of Hamlet—which I caught on opening night in Seattle, the first stop on its international tour—lives up to its advance billing as the must-see event of 2001 for Shakespeare and theater enthusiasts around the world.  more...
Prospero | April 7, 2001
Six Concepts in Search of an Auteur
Getting the chance to see a fully mounted professional production of Cymbeline was once a rare event. But here less than a year after Shakespeare Santa Cruz's effort comes another opportunity to witness what a director can make of this crazy-quilt hodge podge of a play.  more...
Prospero | March 14, 2001
Dream On
The best production of a Shakespearean romance Prospero's ever seen
opens the 2001 Oregon Shakespeare Festival season.  more...
Prospero | February 23-24, 2001
Bottom's Up!
Smart, sophisticated Seattle Rep Dream topped—and toppled—by amazing Bottom.  more...
Prospero | February 12, 2001
Ancient Britain meets Laugh In
Danny Scheie turns for inspiration to TV land in its swinging 60s incarnation—the land of Laugh In, Bewitched, the Fab Four on Ed Sullivan, and an extra helping of the Vietnam War with your nightly news—in his Shakespeare Santa Cruz production of Cymbeline.
By Prospero | August 6, 2000
London Millenium Shakespeare
London is truly the place to see Shakespeare—now more than ever at the dawn of a new millennium, when you can see his plays in something approaching their original surroundings at the restored Globe Theatre on the South Bank, and with Shakespeare himself in full vogue thanks in large part to the success of Shakespeare in Love.
By Prospero | June 21, 2000
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