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London Millennium Shakespeare

London is truly the place to see Shakespeare—now more than ever at the dawn of a new millennium, when you can see his plays in something approaching their original surroundings at the restored Globe Theatre on the South Bank, and with Shakespeare himself in full vogue thanks in large part to the success of Shakespeare in Love. With Vanessa Redgrave crossing genders to star in the Globe's Tempest, how could shakespeare.com's own Prospero resist hopping a Virgin flight to see the result?

Ralph Fiennes also renews his connection with the Almeida this year, starring in both Richard II and Coriolanus out at the abandoned Gainsborough Studios in Shoreditch, where Shakespeare's pre-Globe pays were staged. If only Joseph would condescend to stage a cameo...

So much star power, so many historical resonances—and so little time. Where to begin? Why—at the Globe of course! Or skip ahead the the other plays using the following links.


The Tempest and Hamlet at the Globe  |  Coriolanus and Cressida with the Almeida  |  The Lion King



First posted Wednesday, June 21, 2000; last updated .

Prospero attended these performances as a private citizen on vacation, not in his official capacity as the creator behind shakespeare.com. Some were preview performances; none were on press night, nor did he ask for a press packet. The reviews represent his personal impressions of the plays, recollected a week or so later in tranquility.

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